The Beauty of Boxer Love

The following is from an email I had from Rozanne Lovell, who, with her husband Jack, was owned by Strawberry's High Chekei. Bruce and I called her Cherie -- to Rozanne and Jack she was Kewpi. Rozanne wrote an article for the ABC Bulletin about her therapy work with her Boxers.

Cherie is Strawberry's High Cherkei -- TDIAOV - Therapy Dog International Active Outstanding Volunteer (requiring 150 documented visits to approved facilities). I think Rozanne should have the title TPIAOV -- after all, Cherie needs a chauffeur -- she's too young to drive. :-)

Rozanne says:

Judy, I simply could not resist sending the attached. As a bit of history, this lady (adult day care facility) never interacts with the other clients, talks with no one, etc. She has resisted the dogs on each of our visits .......... is afraid, doesn't like dogs, they're ugly, etc. Lately, I've sensed somewhat of a reduced reserve, and this morning's pictures show beauty that had all of us in tears!