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Bruce and Judy Voran
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Judy with puppies at old Strawberry house

Strawberry in the snow -- New addition

We are Bruce and Judy Voran of Strawberry Boxers. Our first two dogs were Beagles, but when we began looking for another dog in 1980, good fortune brought us to Boxers. Our son, Michael, wanted to look at Fox Terriers. The Fox Terrier breeder to whom were referred by the local breeders' directory also bred Boxers. While we were looking at Fox Terriers she brought out Charlie, her eight year-old Boxer. He had such a playful personality, such wit and charm for an eight year-old dog, that we were captivated. We took home our first Boxer puppy, Velmar's Howdy Kodo a few weeks later.

When Kodo was three months old, the local Boxer club, the Boxer Club of Arizona, had a fun match. We took Kodo; he won his class; and we signed up for handling lessons. We've been showing and breeding Boxers ever since. Kodo later became Ch. Velmar's Howdy Kodo.

In the summer of 1981 we brought two female Boxers into the family, Ch. Indian Bend's Swiss Moca and Ch. Kar-Neil's Strawberry Sal both of whom finished their championships in l982. Swiss Moca (Lucy) was bred to a Vendetta son, Can. Ch. Mephisto's Bandalero, which produced our Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Caballero SOM (Cabby) on June 29, 1983, Michael's 14th birthday. Strawberry Sal (Sally) was bred to Ch. Karneil's Even Steven, which produced Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Evensong (Melody). Breeding Cabby to Melody produced Ch. Strawberry's Scintillation (Tilly) and brought the Indian Bend, Karneil and Mephisto lines together into what became our Strawberry line.

Since that fateful day forty years ago when we brought home our first flashy brindle Boxer puppy, Kodo, we have shared our lives with many Boxers, each one beloved for their own individual personality and character. At least seventy-five Boxers which we bred have finished their championships. We finished the championships on thirty-five others that we have owned. Cabby is the sire of thirteen American champions, two Venezuelan champions and three Canadian champions. Ch. Strawberry's Blythe Spirit, Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Flamenco , Ch. Strawberry's Legacy and GCH Strawberry’s Golden Cinnabon are DOMs (Dam of Merit). Our Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Medalist SOM (Sire of Merit) was the youngest Boxer male to have finished his championship on the date of his finishing points. Medalist (Auggie) produced a son, Ch.Hallmark's Fresh Strawberry who also finished out of the 6-9 month pupppy class. Many other puppies from our kennel that have not finished their championships have brought that special "Boxer joy" to wonderful people. Especially so is Kewpi -- Strawberry's High Cherkei, owned by Rozanne Lovell -- a daughter of Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Conquistador. Kewpi has attained a therapy tilte TDAIOV that demonstrated that special Boxer warmth and love.

Ch. Strawberry's Blythe Spirit Soto, a gift from Efron Soto of Mexico finished her championship in 2005 as did Ch. Strawberry's Hallmark, a daughter of Ch. Strawberry's Legacy DOM and Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Caballero SOM, who finished her championship in Montana with a five point major.

A litter out of Am/Can Ch. Bayridge's Circuit Breaker by Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Medalist SOM was whelped two weeks before Medalist's tenth birthday. They are Ch Strawberry N Reo's Gold Country SOM (Dusty) and Ch Strawberry N Reo's Gold Dust (Shasta). Dusty finished his American championship on July 4th, 2008. Shasta finished her championship in 2008.

Ch. Strawberry's Major League and Ch. Strawberry's Major Decison were whelped on the 11th birthday of their sire Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Medalist. Their dam is Ch. Strawberry's Blythe Spirit Soto. They placed well at the ABC National Specialty in May 2008. Babs finished in April 2009 and Jack finished in November 2010.

Ch Strawberry N Reo's Gold Country SOM (Dusty) has produced nine champions out of five litters. His sire Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Medalist SOM was also a SOM as was his was his great grandsire Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Caballero SOM.

Strawberry Boxers has also produced four Dams of Merit -- mother, daughter and granddaughter and daughter of Dusty. They areCh. Strawberry's Blythe Spirit DOM, Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Flamenco DOM, Ch. Strawberry's Legacy DOM and GCH Strawberry’s Golden Cinnabon who produced seven champions, one of which lives with us, Ch. Strawberry’s Dark Freckle of Irondale. Another of her pups (GCH Cinnabon’s Know When To Hold ‘Em SOM) is the sire of the current top winning Boxer, GCH Cinnabon’s Bedrock Bombshell (Wilma).

Two new Strawberry Champions by Dusty are with us now in addition to Dusty and Babs -- GCH Strawberry's Golden Cinnabon who finished her championship at 9 1/2 mos in one weekend after being awarded Best 6 -9 Puppy in Futurity at the 2013 ABC National Specialty and her GCH title on her fourteenth month birthday. At the 2018 American Boxer Club, Goldie was awarded the Best Brood Bitch. GCH Moon Valley Blazin' Hot finished his championship at 18 months on August 24 2014.

More than the championships, however, are all the experiences we have had, traveling and showing our Boxers; the people we have met, the friends we have made. Bruce now judges all of the Working breeds and Herding breeds, ten Sporting breeds, seven Hound Breeds and Best in Show. Judy is licensed to judge the Working Group. Bruce has served as the American Kennel Club Delegate for The American Boxer Club and The Myrtle Beach Kennel Club. Judy has been a member of the Board of Directors for the American Boxer Club and has served as Treasurer of the Boxer Club of Arizona for many years. Both Bruce and Judy have served as officers of both The American Boxer Club and the Boxer Club of Arizona.

Judy with Auggie

Bruce with J.R.


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