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Boxer-Related Web Sites

Some of these sites are found on the web pages of other breeds or general organizations, but they are included because they contain information that can be useful to Boxer owners, breeders and exhibitors.

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Boxer Sites

Boxer Underground

Boxer Mailing List Web Site

Boxer Gallery


Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue, Inc

Official Page of the Boxer Rescue Mailing List

Links to Boxer Rescue Web Sites

Boxer Resuce Contacts by State/Province/Country

American Boxer Rescue Home Page

IMOM (Stop Puppy Mills)


American Veterinary Medical Association -- Canine health

Veterinary Heart Institute

Texas A & M Cardiology Service

Veterinay Information Service

Alphabetical index for dog medical information

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Alphabetical Index of Canine Health

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources

Veterinary Cancer Society

Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis

Canine Diabetes

Canine Epilepsy Network

American Canine Sports Medecine Association

Searchable Database Covering Most Diseases and Illnesses --not specificall dog related

AltVedMed Directory -- Directory of Holistic Veterinarians

American Veterinary Medical Law Association

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory-- Michigan State University is lymphotic thyroiditis

Medical articles

Bloat is a Medical Emergency in Dogs

Ace-Promazine information

Gastric Dilation - Vovulous Bloat

Cancer in Pets

Valley Fever in Dogs

Boxer Longevity

Ear Cropping. Tail Docking and Dew Claws

Signs of Bloat


Boxer Cardiomyopathy -- by Wendy Wallner

Bruce Cattanach on the Control of Aortic Stenosis

Puppy Handout Sheet on Aortic Stenosis -- Bruce Cattanach

All you wanted to know about aortic stenosis -- Linda Holland and Bruce Cattanach

The Medical Mafia -- by Stephanie Abraham

Heartworm Disease

Demodectic mange

So Your Pet Has Cancer

Canine Thyroid Disease

Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Small Animal Vaccination Protocol

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine and Feline Echocardiography

Genetics Primer

Canine Epilepsy

Canine Brucellosis

Eliminating Genetic Diseases

PennHip Method of Diagnosing Hip Dysplasia


Breeding to Better the Breed -- Judy Voran

Early Spay/Neuter

Buying a Pet Store Dog

Guide to Selecting and Breeding Quality Boxers

Thoughts on Responsible Breeding

Other Articles on Breeding


Breeding dogs with genetic diseases -- from Ralston Purina

Canine Diversity Project

Canine Genetic Resources

Dog Genome Project at UC Berkley

Canine Genetics Distance Learning Course--Cornell University

DNA Identification

Demystifying Inbreeding Coefficients

Purebred Dog Breeds into the Twenty-First Century

The Genetic Tide Continues to Swell: Will DNA marker research stop the flood?

Inbreeding, Linebreeding and Crossbreeding

Genetic Testing: A Guide for Breeders


Maya Boxers

Parveneh Boxers (UK)

Bellcrest (Can)

Minstrel Boxers

Gold Medal Boxers

Bucksteps Boxers (UK)

Summer Boxers (Can)

Har-Vel Boxers

Organizations and Boxer Clubs

U(nited) K(ingdom) Boxers

Midland Boxer Club (UK)

Boxer Club of Canada

Northern Ontario Boxer Club

Boxer Club ofWestern Ontario

American Boxer Club

American Boxer Charitable Foundation

AKC Canine Health Foundation

Canadian Kennel Club


American Kennel Club

Bluebonnet Boxer Club

Boomer Boxer Club


Boxer Club of Louisiana


Boxer Club of Oklahoma


Boxer Club of Western New York


Georgia Boxer Club

Greater St. Louis Boxer Club


Houston Boxer Club


Michigan Boxer Club


Midwest Boxer Club

New Jersey Boxer Club


Missouri Valley Boxer Club


Northwoods Boxer Club


Oregon Boxer Club


Sacramento Valley Boxer Club


Spokane Boxer Club


Treetowns Boxer Club



The Artful Dog

Sherlock Bones

Persnickety Pooches

Just Dogs Records


Having Fun with Your Dog

Boxer Living

Home Cooking

Breaking Up Fights

House/Crate Training


Dog Show Sites

American Kennel Club

InfoDog -- You may enter dog shows online here

Breed Standards

American Boxer Standard -- Illustrated

The World Wide Boxer

Ideal Boxer -- Visualizing Type

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