Ch. Velmar's Howdy Kodo

1980 - 1989




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Ch. Velmar's Howdy Kodo was our first Boxer. Kodo is the Japanese word for "heart" and Kodo's great heart packed an immense amount of love and devotion into his Boxer body. He was the embodiment of that wonderful Boxer characteristic of such an intense desire for closeness with their people that you feel as if they want to get inside you. He was shown to his championship by Johnny Johnson who said -- "He'll never let down on you. He'll bait on a rock." Kodo finished his championship with two five-point majors -- one at the Houston Boxer Club and one at the Houston Kennel Club.

Kodo was the first Boxer to spend time at Strawberry and one of my first memories is taking him on a walk as a very young puppy and having to pick up the tired little boy and carrying him home about half-way down the trail. We remember him with the same great love that he gave to us.