Pedigree of Ch. Blythe Spirit Soto


  Ch. Bropat's Red Alert of Asgard

Ch. Seapal's Averoy of Redfyre

Standing Ovation of Redfyre

Am/Ven/Mex Ch. Draco's Bad Boy

Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Caballero.

Ven Ch. Strawberry's Fandango Fesda

Ch. Strawberry's Blythe Spirit

Am/Mex Ch. Guapo Soto

Ch. Elharlen's Quietus

Mex Ch. Fandango's Forest

Ven. Ch. Strawberry's Fandango Fesda

Tiffany de Almilehe M

Ch. Seapal's Darling Sailors Boy

Almilehem Charlotte de Hey

Elharlen's Running Bear

Ch. Blythe Spirit Soto

Ch. Wood's End Crown Sable

Elharlen's Critic's Choice

Elharlen's Wavelore

Elharlen's Quietus

Ch. Marquam Hills Traper of Turo

Bullock's Influence Elharlen

Bullock's Corinthian Maid

Draco Grace Cony

Can. Ch. Mephisoto's Bandalero

Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Caballero

Ch. Indian Bend's Swiss Moca

Ven Ch. Strawberry's Fandango Fesda

      Ch. Richaire's Christopher

Ch. Strawberry's Blythe Spirit

        Am/Can Ch. Strawberry's Scintillation